Roasted Maple Carrots

maple glazed carrots

Roasted maple carrots are a classic, are they not?

Maybe that’s just the Vermonter in us, but as we approach late autumn we just start to crave them! The days are shorter, the mornings often start with a frost. Our gardens are no longer rich in color from the summer but that doesn’t mean our plates have to be beige. Needless to say, we love a good maple glazed carrot! But we especially love them when we “make them fancy” for our annual Thanksgiving gatherings with family. Seated at one, comically long table, we pass our fixings down and around so that everyone gets a taste. The maple caramelizes on these roasted carrots giving them a tender sweetness and a bit of a elevated flavor. And they’re loved by both young and old!

Anyways…let’s get down to the simple and 5 ingredient recipe

glazed carrots ingredients peeled carrots

Ingredients for Sweet Heat Grilled Shrimp:

• 1 lb carrots (scrubbed)

• 3 tbsp salted butter (cubed into small pieces)

• 3 tbsp Stewart’s Maple Cream

• 1/4 tsp sea salt

• 1/4 tsp pepper



• Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

• Cut tips off of scrubbed carrots (about 1/2 in to avoid burning) and then slice carrots in half (lengthwise).

• Line baking pan with non-stick foil (or spray foil with olive oil). Spread carrots out on prepared foil.

• Evenly top with butter and drizzle with maple cream (or maple syrup). Season with salt and pepper and and toss to combine.

• Roast carrots for 40 minutes (or until fork-tender) tossing every 10-15 minutes to prevent burning.

• Remove from oven and enjoy!


glazed carrots ready for oven maple glazed carrots

• Seriously, make sure you give those carrots a stir , a toss, or a shake every 15 minutes while baking! A burned maple carrot is a real bummer.

• Prefer squash? Replace carrots with cubed butternut squash for a different take

• Feelin’ like a master chef? Explore flavors by adding a dash of sweet heat or bourbon barrel aged maple syrup


This recipe is a Stewart Maple and Forkd collaboration. For more great recipes, check out