Specialty Food

Specialty Food products made by Vermonters who are just as passionate about making their recipes from the best ingredients and sourcing them locally and sustainably, as our family is about our maple syrup. Highest quality, top notch flavor specially curated in this collection for you. Enjoy some of our favorites!

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chocolate chip cookie mix

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by New England Bake House

maple leaf cookie

Maple Leaf Cookies

smoked pepperoni

Smoked Pepperoni

summer sausage

Summer Sausage


Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels

Heart Peanut Butter Cup

Classic Peanut Butter Cup – Heart

Caramel Peanut Butter Cup

Giant Caramel Filled Peanut Butter Cup

maple walnut peanut butter cup

Giant Maple Walnut Peanut Butter Cup

Dark Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter Cup

Giant Sweet and Salty Pretzel Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate Maple Leaf

Chocolate Maple Leaf Lollipop

Maple Pepper Spice Mix Trio

Maple Pepper Spice Mix

Granola Bark

Apple Cider Donut Mix

Apple Cider Donut Mix

Stewart Maple Cinnamon Infused Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup – Cinnamon Infused

Sweet On Vermont Chocolate Bars Milk

Sweet On Vermont Chocolate Bars

Sweet ON vermont maple brittle pouches

Vermont Maple Brittle by Sweet on Vermont

Organic Maple Sugar Shaker

Pure Maple Sugar

pure organic vermont maple sugar bulk bag

Pure Organic Vermont Maple Sugar – bulk bag

pocket pack maple candy

Old Fashioned Maple Candy

Vermont Country Style Pancake Mix Waffle

New England Bakehouse – Pancake Mix