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From Our Family to Yours

At Stewart Maple we strive to provide the highest quality of pure Vermont maple syrup available and adhere to USDA guidelines to uphold organic standards in our sustainable agricultural and forest management practices.

But Stewart Maple isn’t the only company holding their products to Vermont’s highest standards. That’s why at the Stewart Maple Marketplace, our mission is to showcase Vermonter made products for customers near and far. Our collection is curated to be of the highest quality our green mountain state has to offer, with an emphasis on handcrafted goods, high quality ingredients, and sustainable business practices.

Stewart Vermont Maple Syrup

Our Vermont maple syrup is made right in our backyard in Cuttingsville, Vermont. Tapped from sustainably managed forests, our sap flows to our sugarhouse where it is boiled into the purest form of maple syrup. From there? Well, we’ve come up with some great maple products too! Find all your favorite Stewart Maple treats here.

Vermont Maple Syrup Display
Vermont Maple Brittle

Specialty Foods

We know we’re Vermonter’s passionate about all things maple. But there a lot of other Vermonter’s who have come up with some pretty amazing specialty foods too! We’ve shopped around and have found some of our favorites that you can shop for here as well. Eat like a Vermont local.

Artisan Goods & Crafts

At the Stewart Maple Marketplace, it’s not ALL about maple and food ALL the time. We’ve met some incredible artisans and craftspeople along the way, and we share their one of a kind works with you today here. A perfect gift for fellow Vermonters and Vermont lovers!

Handmade Mugs

Featured Marketplace Products

stewart maple coloring book

Stewart Maple Coloring Book

reusable tote bag pancakes

Reusable Tote Bag

Stewart Maple Long Sleeve Tshirt Front

Stewart Maple Long Sleeve T-Shirts

pure organic vermont maple sugar bulk bag

Pure Organic Vermont Maple Sugar – bulk bag

Maple Leaf Hard Candies

Maple Leaf Hard Candies

Hard Maple Candy Lollipop

Maple Hard Candy Lollipop

maple leaf cookie

Maple Leaf Cookies

$20 Maple Gift Set

$25 Maple Gift Set

Winter in Vermont
Stewart Maple Syrup Pint
Shrewsbury Vermont
Vermont Maple Syrup Production