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Stewart Maple is a family owned and operated business in rural Cuttingsville, Vermont producing certified organic maple syrup and specialty small batch maple products. With forest sustainability in mind, we use the latest technology in order to ensure that all of our maple products are in their purest form. 


Featured Stewart Maple Products

Stewart Maple Popcorn

Stewart Maple Popcorn

Stewart Maple organic vermont maple syrup glass half gallon

Vermont Maple Syrup Half-Gallon Glass Bottle

Stewart Maple organic vermont maple syrup glass gallon

Vermont Maple Syrup Gallon Glass Bottle

Stewart Maple Cream Jar

Pure Maple Cream

What's New at Stewart Maple

Cowgirl Cookies Recipe

Cowgirl Cookies

One of the questions that we are most frequently asked is “can you use maple syrup in your baking recipes?” and “how??” So let’s start

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