Candied Stewart Maple Bacon

Plate of Bacon

They say everything is better with bacon.
We agree… but we can say with 100% certainty that EVERYTHING, even bacon, is better when it’s Stewart MAPLE candied bacon.

Yeah, worlds are colliding and we are glazing the best ingredient in the world with maple syrup. And it is so worth it.

The bacon is better. Bacon-egg-and sausage sandwiches are better. Your pizza toppings are better. Dad’s bloody mary’s are better….even our devilish deviled eggs are better with maple bacon!

And the best part is, our maple candied bacon is baked in the oven! Making it perfectly crispy (not sugar-burnt) and the clean-up is way easier. Plus there is no dodging grease splatters and burning your arms.

Check out the full recipe below and see how the love between maple and bacon can elevate every plate of food you enjoy from here on out.

Ingredients bacon and seasonings Baking the maple glaze

Ingredients for Stewart Maple Candied Bacon:

•½ lb – 1 lb of fresh cut bacon

•¼ – ½ c coconut sugar

•¼ – ½ c Stewart Maple syrup



•Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

•Line a large, rimmed baking pan with foil.

•Place a non-stick, oven safe (bakeable) cooking rack on top of the foil. (This will allow the excess bacon grease to drip into the pan and create airflow so the bacon crisps evenly on both sides).

•Set up a second non-stick cooling rack on a large cutting board (or any surface you don’t mind getting sticky – this will be your prep-rack).

•Line prep-rack with bacon strips (it is okay if they overlap a little or you can prepare in two separate batches).

•Using a pastry brush, brush bacon with maple syrup until well coated.

•Then sprinkle tops of bacon with coconut sugar.

•Flip your bacon, and repeat the same steps for the other side (you will notice that the sugar will “melt” into the syrup).

•Once you have coated both sides, transfer strips of bacon to the prepared baking rack. Try to give each slice a little room, but it is okay if there is some slight overlap.

• Finally, place your baking sheet in the oven and bake for 10 minutes (checking frequently to be sure there is no burning). Then, if you’re feeling fancy, you can flip bacon using oven safe tongs (This is not necessary, but I like to move things around a little to be sure bacon crisps evenly).

•Cook bacon for another 10-15 minutes.

Note: Baking times may vary depending on the thickness of your bacon and your bacon preference. Some like soft and chewy, I like caramelized and tender, and I find 20-25 minutes tends to do the trick. You can certainly cook for longer, you just want to be sure the sugar does not begin to burn.


Maple Candied Bacon On a Plate Maple Bacon for Breakfast


•Put the bacon on your favorite burger for a sweet and savory combination (make it a breakfast burger; top with a fried egg and your favorite hash browns).

•Chop and add to your favorite salad.

•Use as a crumble topping for your glazed donut.

•Half bacon in length, and skewer before baking to create a crowd pleasing brunch appetizer (because who doesn’t love bacon on a stick)!

•No coconut sugar for your candied bacon? Double down on the sweet with maple sugar.


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