Made in Vermont

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Ode to Vermont Tea

Loose Leaf Teas from Free Verse Farms

Chocolate Maple Leaf

Chocolate Maple Leaf Lollipop

StoneCreek Cheese Plate

Rectangular Cheese Plate

peanut butter pigouts

Peanut Butter Pigouts

Small Batch Organics Granola Bark Group

Small Batch Organics Granola Bark

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

Double Chocolate Brownie Mix by New England Bakehouse

Apple Cider Donut Mix

Apple Cider Donut Mix by New England Bake House

Wooden Leaf Bottle Stopper

Maple Leaf Wooden Bottle Stoppers

Cheese Plate Handmade Pottery

Pierpoint Soy Candle

Pierpoint Soy Candles

Sweet On Vermont Chocolate Bars Milk

Sweet On Vermont – Mooonlight in Vermont Chocolate Bars

Retro Vermont Baby Bodysuit

Baby Onesies by Morado Designs

Sweet ON vermont maple brittle pouches

Sweet On Vermont – Maple Brittle

chocolate covered caramel box

Chocolate Covered Maple Caramels

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Organic Maple Sugar Shaker

Pure Maple Sugar

Vermont Country Style Pancake Mix Waffle

New England Bakehouse – Pancake Mix

sweet maple mustard

Butternut Mountain Farm – Sweet Maple Mustard

Gallon Tin of Maple Popcorn

Gallon-Tin of Maple Popcorn

Moon Bliss Balm

Moon Bliss Balms